Our job is to ask tough questions, design creative solutions, coordinate planning resources, secure financial instruments, and manage performance results for our clients. Thanks to a partnership with National Financial Partners Corp., we are able to offer the following business and personal services.

Business Services

  • Group Benefits:
    • Life, Short- and Long-Term Disability Insurance
    • Medical (including HSAs and MSAs) Insurance
    • Dental and Vision Insurance
    • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Cafeteria Plans:
  • A flex (debit) card option is available to our clients in association with MGIS, Inc. (visit for more information)
  • Voluntary benefits (including cancer care)
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Retirement Plans:
    • 409A Deferred Compensation Plan
    • SERP (Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan)
    • Executive Bonus Plan
    • Defined benefit and 412(i)
    • Split Dollar Plan
    • Profit sharing / 401(k)
    • 403(b) tax-sheltered annuity
    • SEP / Simple IRA
    • SCMEP Future-Link plan (
      • McCain Financial Group, Inc. serves as the pension consultant for the South Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership (SCMEP). To learn more about Future-Link, check out the extended information found on the main page under the Services section.

Personal Services

  • Life Insurance:
    • Whole life
    • Variable life
    • Universal life
    • Affordable term
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Individual major medical health
  • Health savings accounts (HSAs)
  • Estate / Financial Planning
  • Full range of annuity/mutual fund products
  • Individual stocks/bonds
  • 529 education plans

Other Services

  • MyBenefitsView
    • Online benefits communication portal that allows emloyees 24/7 access to benefit plan documents, forms and more!
  • MyHRView
    • Comprehensive website for all things related to human resources
  • Benefits benchmarking
    • How does your company compare against others in your industry and/or region?
  • Consolidated billing services
  • Employee benefit survey
  • Employee benefit newsletter
  • Employee compensation statement